Monday, May 12, 2008


So, now as I sip my coffee (which is an attempt to concentrate more at work, but which is failing because fatigue is winning), I am going to confess my failings...

1) I am terrible at updating.

2) I am rarely interesting enough to update.

3) My sister needs a new job otherwise I will start crying from wear whenever she walks into the apartment.

4) I think Zooey Deschanel might have a better album (She & Him's "Volume One") than indie princess Jenny Lewis. (And although I admire the theory and effort behind Scarlett Johansson's Tom Waits cover album, after listening to one song and seeing the video, I'm not sure that the effort was worth it.) And all of this makes me sort of an indie heathen (or one of those people that the hipsters shun because one hasn't abandoned Of Montreal yet).

5) I love unlikely actors playing superheroes...Robert Downey, Jr. and Tobey Maguire as prime examples.

6) I have to be a maid of honor in October and I am deciding when I need to get the dress, especially considering that I am going to resume my exercise efforts tonight. (I'm wondering if I should copy my sister and take a walking class, not because I don't know how to walk, but because I think a class might force me to actually do it instead of flaking under the stress of work.) It should be noted that exercise efforts stopped because I work too much, was on vacation, and couldn't convince myself to do anything after standing in the sun for ten hours.

On my crochet front:

A. I am working on a sweater (still), a hat (which makes me cry whenever I try to do my something neat with it), a lace shawl, a baby sweater, and a twine bag.

B. I need to block two hats and a lace scarf for gifts that are long overdue (oh so long overdue).

C. I am making another sweater for my grandmother because it turns out that the first one has become a favorite, and I owe my grandmother so much that I can only feel honored that a request was made.

D. I think I might turn Yarn Club at work into a charity project of sorts.

E. I return to my CGOA group this weekend!

F. I am trying to figure out how best to start designing crocheted garments if I have no time to do it. I am beginning to think that I need a schedule.

G. I have lots of bamboo yarn, which I'm not sure what I should do with.

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