Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boteh Scarf

Boteh Scarf
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I love the Boteh Scarf. I love the Boteh Scarf so much that even though it's flippin' cold in the morning, I wear it (noting that it was not designed for cold weather). It's even inspired my brain to go wandering quite a bit, which I admit isn't that hard to do, but it has me dreaming of things I could do with new techniques, which is surprising considering that it isn't a difficult pattern. But Kathy Merrick, I love you.

I promised some Kool-Aid once

first Kool-Aid yarn 2
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And it just took me forever to make good. Both yarns are wool, the laceweight is softer (for obvious reasons). And once I defeat the Christmas gifts, I'll start dyeing again.

Friday, December 21, 2007

crisis averted

If you live or work in Walnut Creek, California, I want you to know that we just averted a crisis. Thanks to myself and a co-worker, we can almost guarantee (I think you are 70% safe) that another co-worker will not change her daughter's diapers in a restaurant's dining room again in this town. My friend and I might have lost standing with this co-worker, but for you, we can take that hit. It's all for the betterment of the world.

I am, however, still appalled that something even had to be said.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fuck! I'm never going to finish and remain sane. I just realized one more has to be added to the list! And god help me, I'm going to freak out before too long. And now I have to waste more time and go get lunch.

Photos soon, list in the meantime

I finally downloaded photos, however, they are still living on the computer at home, which means that they aren't here. But still, I must mark my progress (and lack thereof)...

1) Knit hat and scarf set for sister...done except for washing, blocking, and figuring out what to do with one stitch that appears to have been dropped somehow. The dropped stitch baffles me because when I knit, I'm good about that. However, it reminds me of why I take issue with knitting.

2) Scarf (and maybe hat) for Mom...80% done only to discover that although I love the stitch and yarn together, they create too stiff a fabric for me to actually want to give it to my mom. So, I will soon be undoing it all. Perhaps I'll finally watch The Elephant Man while doing that.

3) Scarf for Dad...on hold until I receive his input. He's a tricky dude and I don't want to make something he won't use or like. But my dad deserves something awesome as he's never had anything made by me before.

4) Scarves for done (needs wash and blocking), second one halfway there.

5) Sweater for my she's the one who taught me, she always gets the first thing I make in a particular style. And as this is the first sweater, she gets it. Plus, she'll like it and appreciate it, knowing what went into it, and maybe it will actually keep the woman who is always cold a bit warmer.

6) Bag for co-worker and member of Yarn Club.

7) Profane pencil cup for co-worker and member of Yarn Club.

8) Something for a non-regular Yarn Club member (because she damn well surprised me with a gift today for teaching her to crochet).

9) A super cool beret for my oldest friend, who is not related to least I can delay this one a week.

10) Yarn for co-worker, friend, and co-founder of Yarn Club. Purchased in May or June.

11) Something for friend in Stockton.

12) Something for friend in New York...I'm thinking a lacy motif scarf, but that will have to wait.

13) Baby blanket for super awesome friend in Tennessee.

And once I survive all of that, the wedding and baby blankets rise up to defeat me again. But soon, everyone but me will be married and I will be free to ignore the wedding afghans. Baby blankets require a week's worth of my attention apparently, unless the couple are super awesome and therefore require something equally super awesome.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hot damn! Only 192 people ahead of me for Ravelry! It'll happen today, I'm sure of it. I'll be able to brag about it at my knitting class tonight.

But more importantly, I know how to dye wool now. Once I deplete my yarn supply to a reasonable level, I am going to become a dyeing fanatic.

And thank god I'm not a preteen girl anymore. After spending almost two hours with five of them, I'm amazed that they even tolerate each other.

Maybe I'll have pictures to post tonight.

Friday, October 5, 2007

I was almost going to follow a pattern...

...but I have a condition where I just don't. It's not a lack of trust or faith. It's what happens after too many years of crocheting, I figure. Rules no longer exist, decisions are made freely, and hook recommendations are considered almost obscene (for one eventually knows what hook size the yarn calls for, and yes, I believe in the K hook on sock yarn).

Anyway, last weekend, while trying not to buy every bit of yarn I thought gorgeous, I fell in love with some sock yarn by Curious Creek Fibers. And I knew the moment I saw it, hiding behind another beautiful skein that it was love at first sight and it was going to become the coolest scarf I own. So, I thought all week and finally remembered that there was a cool scarf in the Spring 2007 Interweave Crochet (the Boteh Scarf). So, I started last night. I balled up the yarn (which took forever and means that I need a swift), and jumped in. Things I didn't like about the design:

1) The F hook. I know I'm a weirdo for loving the K hook completely and believing that it is up to the task most of the time, but the F hook is just too small and results in stitches with no bounce or stretch. But I tried it, against my better judgment. And the stitches were too tight, and the half-double looked awkward, which led to the second change.

2) Instead of a chain of 17 (15 hdcs), I did a chain of 12 (10 hdcs) with my beloved K hook.

3) Instead of the funky double triple joining stitch, I used a triple, with a chain of three posing as the first one.

And the results are gorgeous. It's a crazy weird scarf, but it's so crazy and weird that it's gorgeous. And no, I didn't finish. I had to rethink my plan (as the 15 hdcs made it a bit big with the K), which I did this morning, and so far with 2.5 triangles complete, it looks awesome.

I'd show you the yarn, but the "Purple Mountains Majesty" colorway is not online, which is a shame, because I swear, it's pure love, and not your basic love, but your all-encompassing do-anything-for-another-person love, the heart-rending sort that is desperate without being sad. Photos once it's finished.

Plus, I must figure out the colors for the office afghan. Although, I am thinking freeform color decisions. Why restrict creativity? Although, I'm sure people here are afraid of a lack of rules.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

the luxury of yarn

Not to be a yarn snob or anything, but Art Fibers has gone online officially and completely. And they're selling more and more by the cone. All of this means that I get to buy super fancy yarn from the comfort of my home instead of trekking over to San Francisco. Although, I do like the trekking part.

I love Art Fibers. In all the world, I've never found another yarn store that is exactly what I want a yarn store to be: original.

(And I learned how to purl correctly tonight. Although, I think my incorrect purls are nicer.)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Waffle Weave Technique

This is hardly my favorite stitch. It's stiff, thick, and counter-intuitive for the second row. None of which makes me like a crochet stitch/style. (I apologize for the pictures, the camera decided to revolt and go all blurry on me.)

1) Chain what you need plus one.

2) Single crochet in each chain starting with the second chain from the hook.

3) Chain one, turn. This is the hard part. Insert hook through the remaining loop from the foundation chain from the bottom and insert hook through front loop of the last sc row.

Pull up a loop and complete as a sc. Repeat across. (It's going to turn and go weird and you'll be confused and worried that you are doing something wrong, so keep your mind on what is the bottom and what is the top.)

4) Chain one, turn and insert hook from the bottom through the unused loop from Row 1 and the front loop of Row 2.

Yarn over and complete single crochet. Repeat across.

It gets thick and it takes more patience than I generally have.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

simple honesty.

Complete honesty.

I am feeling a growing animosity for the Red Scarf Project, which upsets me. I'm upset with them, and then because I'm angry with a good cause, I get pissy with myself. Why all of this irritation? They are asking me to limit my generosity.

Here's the thing: I am a scarf whore. Flat out. I love scarves. I love making them. I love thinking about the color combinations. I love plotting random things out (last year was Fibonnaci, this year Happy Numbers). And so, to be told that I should limit myself to one truly good scarf offends me. As if I haven't been crocheting for nineteen years. As if I don't know what works and what doesn't. So, I am only participating in the Red Scarf Project this year because the ladies at work want to, but they don't do many scarves anyway (they haven't my nineteen years of speed and knowledge).

What does this mean? Charities that want my wares are going to get them, not the ones that tell me they only want the best I can create. (Although, they will get three scarves because I have an obsession.)

Which is why Victory Junction is going to feel the love. The Painted Turtle will also feel the love. Maybe even some other scarf project. Project Linus too.

Anyway, I feel a tiny bit better.

What I really need is Across the Universe. Nothing like vivid Julie Taymor to make me feel inspired again.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Officially, we start here. There's another blog lurking elsewhere, but if you don't know about it already, you won't know about it in the future.

And to start, let me tell you about The Golden Compass. Actually, best not to tell you about it. If I try, anyone who looks at this will think that I'm absolutely bonkers. All one needs to say, though, is kickass female protagonist who would laugh at you if you told her adventures are for boys. But the book is so cool that I would be reading the sequel right now if I weren't at work, and I would have finished it over the weekend if I hadn't been told to hang posters so that we look like we've moved in properly, and I'd read it tonight if I weren't going to Harry Potter. Actually, I will be reading it tonight, in line, but that's a different issue. And the 12:01 and 12:02 shows have sold out. The IMAX theater is running the movie all night: 12:01, 3:15, 6:30...Although, where are my HP books? OotP and HBP?

Oh, and the ripple afghan is still going, but got supplanted by projects for others.

And there's a start.