Friday, October 5, 2007

I was almost going to follow a pattern...

...but I have a condition where I just don't. It's not a lack of trust or faith. It's what happens after too many years of crocheting, I figure. Rules no longer exist, decisions are made freely, and hook recommendations are considered almost obscene (for one eventually knows what hook size the yarn calls for, and yes, I believe in the K hook on sock yarn).

Anyway, last weekend, while trying not to buy every bit of yarn I thought gorgeous, I fell in love with some sock yarn by Curious Creek Fibers. And I knew the moment I saw it, hiding behind another beautiful skein that it was love at first sight and it was going to become the coolest scarf I own. So, I thought all week and finally remembered that there was a cool scarf in the Spring 2007 Interweave Crochet (the Boteh Scarf). So, I started last night. I balled up the yarn (which took forever and means that I need a swift), and jumped in. Things I didn't like about the design:

1) The F hook. I know I'm a weirdo for loving the K hook completely and believing that it is up to the task most of the time, but the F hook is just too small and results in stitches with no bounce or stretch. But I tried it, against my better judgment. And the stitches were too tight, and the half-double looked awkward, which led to the second change.

2) Instead of a chain of 17 (15 hdcs), I did a chain of 12 (10 hdcs) with my beloved K hook.

3) Instead of the funky double triple joining stitch, I used a triple, with a chain of three posing as the first one.

And the results are gorgeous. It's a crazy weird scarf, but it's so crazy and weird that it's gorgeous. And no, I didn't finish. I had to rethink my plan (as the 15 hdcs made it a bit big with the K), which I did this morning, and so far with 2.5 triangles complete, it looks awesome.

I'd show you the yarn, but the "Purple Mountains Majesty" colorway is not online, which is a shame, because I swear, it's pure love, and not your basic love, but your all-encompassing do-anything-for-another-person love, the heart-rending sort that is desperate without being sad. Photos once it's finished.

Plus, I must figure out the colors for the office afghan. Although, I am thinking freeform color decisions. Why restrict creativity? Although, I'm sure people here are afraid of a lack of rules.

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