Saturday, April 19, 2008


I've been remiss, lacking, absent, and I'm sorry. The truth is that work went crazy, then I went on vacation to turn old, then I came back and work was crazy again, and now I'm about to disappear again. However, there are necessary updates and bits to mention and share.

1) I finished my second book this year! (My sister just finished her 17th.) However, I did just finish listening to an audiobook, so, maybe that qualifies as a third book. I'm working on improving these numbers, but if the numbers go up, then I crochet/knit less and therefore get tired and angry.

2) I turned 30 in Yorkshire at my favorite ruined abbey (Rievaulx). It was a lovely trip except for all of the snow, sleet, and hail in London.

3) I saw the end of Torchwood and the start of Doctor Who in England. I'd like to say that I did not approve of the end of Torchwood's season. Flat out did not approve. And at least Doctor Who has started up here, so that I don't feel like I'm missing out.

4) We (the office folks and I) finished our afghan for Victory Junction camp. It was sent off and not blogged about because I was on a flight to London before I could and then it wasn't on my mind at all.

5) I finished a few things: a Verity by Ysolda (but I am still Ms. Big Head and it looks silly on me), a broomstick lace scarf, one mitt (the other one just isn't something I'm in the mood for with it being this warm here). And I've started a crocheted beret, which I like, but dislike because I'm undoing as I go a lot, which makes one like the process less. I am taking a sweater to my field location with me so that maybe I'll finish it before I need to use it when fall comes around again.

Otherwise, I'm damned tired. Oh, and I was sick with a cold twice since I last wrote.