Wednesday, September 26, 2007

simple honesty.

Complete honesty.

I am feeling a growing animosity for the Red Scarf Project, which upsets me. I'm upset with them, and then because I'm angry with a good cause, I get pissy with myself. Why all of this irritation? They are asking me to limit my generosity.

Here's the thing: I am a scarf whore. Flat out. I love scarves. I love making them. I love thinking about the color combinations. I love plotting random things out (last year was Fibonnaci, this year Happy Numbers). And so, to be told that I should limit myself to one truly good scarf offends me. As if I haven't been crocheting for nineteen years. As if I don't know what works and what doesn't. So, I am only participating in the Red Scarf Project this year because the ladies at work want to, but they don't do many scarves anyway (they haven't my nineteen years of speed and knowledge).

What does this mean? Charities that want my wares are going to get them, not the ones that tell me they only want the best I can create. (Although, they will get three scarves because I have an obsession.)

Which is why Victory Junction is going to feel the love. The Painted Turtle will also feel the love. Maybe even some other scarf project. Project Linus too.

Anyway, I feel a tiny bit better.

What I really need is Across the Universe. Nothing like vivid Julie Taymor to make me feel inspired again.