Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today, I learned that all of our talk about the foundation crochet is sort of late to the game. I wonder if it was forgotten because the people we learned from didn't have the right book (owning Beeton's instead of de Dillmont), and well, the history seems to be so commonly forgotten, particularly in our arts and crafts world. So, I give you the foundation crochet, known to Therese de Dillmont as "plain stitches for a chain".

And then, there's tapestry crochet.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Flat Korsnas 4
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In spite of my hopes and the encouragement of Danielle, it is time I should acknowledge that the Korsnas look/technique just isn't going to work in an afghan made by me. Reasons why I failed:

1) I like my afghans to bend without difficulty, which means I usually crochet them with a K (6.5 mm) hook when using worsted weight. I can use a J (6 mm), but it never feels right. The use of this big hook means gaps, which means you can hide things.

2) None of the designs looked right. The easy ones looked too busy. The ones I had to think through, looked weird that big.

3) I liked the random poppy design more than all of the Korsnas patterns.

4) Reverse single crochet or reverse half double just doesn't work with Korsnas, at least, not at that size.

So, I'm back to rethinking. The poppies will likely be for me, because poppies just don't strike me as the sort of thing the recipients would like.

And now, I am designing a baby/child sweater against the advice of a friend. One hopes that the afghan idea will arrive after that.

Oh, so that I don't sound like someone prone to whining, here's a pretty picture:

Temple of the Four Winds