Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It took a few weeks, but worry has been replaced with excitement. I get to go here:

Photo of Pohnpei by islagirl

and here:

Photo of Guam by zinnie.

I might not like heat, but I do love beauty.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have discovered the land of worry. It sits alongside the land of caution, and I have tripped from caution to worry. The thing is I'm going to be in Guam for six weeks, which means that I'm going to be living in a hotel room for six weeks. Yes, a hotel room for six weeks. I can handle the idea of a hotel room for six weeks, but all of the reviews on TripAdvisor for the Guam hotels make me worry. And now, I've read one that described a brown tree snake in the bathtub and another coming out of the fire sprinkler. That is what the land of worry looks like.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The To-Do List

These are the leftovers from the holidays and 2008 in general.

For accountability's sake, things still left to do:

1)* scarf for Dad - needs washing and seaming
2) scarf for friend - halfway...minimal progress
3) scarf for friend - planned, not started...no progress
4) bag for Mom - needs a lining...no progress
5) hemp bag - need to restart...no progress
6)* 1st wedding afghan - washed, needs sewing
7)* 2nd wedding afghan - started, maybe 1/8 done
8) Liesl - needs to be blocked...no progress
9) House Unity scarf - ongoing...no progress
11) Twine Bag - languishing...no progress
12)* Ben's Hat - needs wash
13) Lexie's Hat - wash and block...no progress

Things completed:
scarf for other
scarf for other
baby blanket
1st sweater
2nd sweater
Moebius basket
*Birdie's sweater

All items currently sleeping in my queue will not be impacted by this because when I look at them, I can never decide if I want to finish them.

*Updated on 2/17/09.