Monday, October 1, 2007

Waffle Weave Technique

This is hardly my favorite stitch. It's stiff, thick, and counter-intuitive for the second row. None of which makes me like a crochet stitch/style. (I apologize for the pictures, the camera decided to revolt and go all blurry on me.)

1) Chain what you need plus one.

2) Single crochet in each chain starting with the second chain from the hook.

3) Chain one, turn. This is the hard part. Insert hook through the remaining loop from the foundation chain from the bottom and insert hook through front loop of the last sc row.

Pull up a loop and complete as a sc. Repeat across. (It's going to turn and go weird and you'll be confused and worried that you are doing something wrong, so keep your mind on what is the bottom and what is the top.)

4) Chain one, turn and insert hook from the bottom through the unused loop from Row 1 and the front loop of Row 2.

Yarn over and complete single crochet. Repeat across.

It gets thick and it takes more patience than I generally have.


cakefordinner said...

The trick is to use a fairly large (size L, M or N) crochet hook and a 'soft' worsted weight yarn, such as Caron's "Simply Soft" (2 strands, since it's a thinner 'worsted') or Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn". You end up with a soft, warm, extra thick fabric that makes a nice blanket/afghan.

Ketutar said...

Ah. The "Siberian Stitch"...