Monday, May 19, 2008

A moderately productive weekend report:

Saturday - A complete wash. I was a zombie. I crocheted like a fiend, watched more movies than I am proud to admit, and didn't go outside once. But I will claim that I needed a day of nothing with no requirements on my time.

Sunday - Late wake-up, late start, however

- I washed all of my clothes and linens (which I think could potentially count for 3.5 weeks' worth [fieldwork changes my clothing options and means I run out much later])

- I cut up and washed all the fruit in the house

- I went grocery shopping, which is a huge chore half of the time

- I organized the kitchen and it now looks like someone else's home

- I started my version of Eva's Shawl with some yarn from Artfibers

- I am 15 pages from finishing Sense & Sensibility

- I finished my improvised shawl. Once I block it (after deciding how I want to block it), I will report back on whether or not it worked out.

The things I should have done: review boring logs.

And I am just going to add that Flight of the Conchords make Monday mornings tolerable, washing dishes almost enjoyable, and making one's bed a lovely and creative experience. If I ignore the awesomeness of rapping about having tea with their grandma and the strange charm of "Leggy Blonde", there's the Donovan-esque "The Prince of Parties", which among other things contains these lyrics:

"Oh, pretty Prince of Parties, where do you get your clothes?
They're made of snow,
Pretty party clothes crocheted of snow."

When two New Zealanders sing about clothes crocheted of snow, how can you not be charmed even when doing the most menial of tasks.

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