Friday, May 16, 2008

A list of to-do's

1) Laundry
2) Clean laminate/vinyl/whatever-it-is floors
3) Organize kitchen
4) Hang kitchen basket
5) Find receipts for work
6) Find the top of the dining table and clear area around the table so that it can be used
7) Organize yarn that has spread across the apartment
8) Switch out winter clothes for summer clothes
9) Review boring logs
10) Design afghan for Mick's wedding gift
11) Design afghan for Yoomin's wedding gift
12) Design baby sweater for various friends who insist on spawning
13) Write out shawl pattern
14) Finish angora shawl
15) Start a version of Eva's Shawl by milobo
16) Finish reading Sense and Sensibility
17) Go for a walk each day
18) Vacuum
19) Clean balcony
20) Hang yellow jacket/wasp thing on balcony to keep them away (sister must do the hanging due to my vertigo problems)

Note that the title's apostrophe is meant to separate it from the hyphenate "to-do", but to still refer to it. There's just no good way to make "to-do" a noun and plural. And yes, I am altering the English language, but I am a progressive on language evolution.

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