Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Crochet Junkie

5:20 - First alarm goes off, ignore.
5:40 - Second alarm goes off, half-ignore.
6:20 - Finally get out of bed. Evacuate systems, start tea, debate lunch options.
6:30 - Decide to take lunch to work. Eat breakfast.
6:50 - Pretend to work on sister's cover letter. (Pretend because my brain isn't awake yet.

7:20 - Finish tea and juice and decide that today is a no-shower day. (I am one of those people whose skin and hair is all so dry that a shower can be skipped, but my hair is so curly that I still have to dunk my head in the shower to look presentable.) Curse the fact that we are going to hit a record high today. Wish that the Exxon Mobil CEO would just be quiet, he makes me almost as angry as G.W. Bush.

7:58 - Leave for work (luxury of a job without a strict daily schedule). Try to listen to the radio, but decide that everyone is irritating and this discussion of breasts just isn't entertaining, change back to the new The Raveonettes CD (Lust Lust Lust).

8:15 - Get to work. Realize while walking down the hall that my key card is in my car. Decide that I will see how irritating life without a key card is.

8:30 - Receive call from subcontractor. Some asshole!!! tagged my 21,000-gallon water tank that I was renting. If it can't be fixed in the Riverside yard, it has to be shipped to Bakersfield to be painted ($2000). Complain with sub that this drilling project was the worst ever for no good reason.

9:05 - Decide to tackle the invoices I've been ignoring because they make me think of unhappy things. Daydream about a shawl. Consider Afghans for Afghans as the next work yarn-related charity.

12:35 - Realize it's lunch time. Work through lunch. Wish that the Dream in Color Classy order was here already. Continue on with work.

14:00 - Remember how much expense sheets suck to complete. Onward.

16:30 - Get call from sister that she's going to a car museum. Remain confused for hours.

17:20 - Go home with boring logs and swear to work on them tonight.

18:00 - Get home. Eat some snacks that might include honey mustard pretzels and olives (I have an uncontrollable love for olives). Do not review boring logs.

19:30 - Have dinner. Long for a milkshake. Write sister's cover letter. Do not review boring logs.

20:55 - Pick up the crocheted lace shawl and continued. It's over eight feet long, but it's going to be longer. Watch The Office. Do not review boring logs.

21:30 - He'd have to be an ass to destroy my crush, but I totally adore John Krasiniski. Do not review boring logs.

22:00 - Should go to bed. Or figure out what to do to finish this shawl. Do not review boring logs. Somehow watch ER even though I don't really enjoy the show. Discover that most published crochet edges look too loud for what I want.

23:00 - Go to bed.

Follow-up: I did not review the boring logs. I did write a rather impressive cover letter for my sister (goes against the theory and all, but you don't know how much she hates her job and how much I hate her job, and I didn't lie in it, I just made her sound as brilliant as she is [when she wants to be]). My sister did apply for a job. I did not do any of the work-related things I was meant to. And it's damned hot.

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