Sunday, November 9, 2008


A few things I've been wondering today:

1) How do people not get into car accidents if they swerve between two lanes for more than five minutes?

2) Why are the jerkiest asswipes on the road generally driving BMWs or pickups?* And is it that they don't notice that they are endangering the lives of others as well as their own, or that really risking one's own life is just that much of a rush?

3) What makes vegetarian chili something other than a tomato stew with beans? And why is my mom's so much better if the only difference between mine and hers is that I used less zucchini?**

4) Why is it that when I am under a few strict deadlines, now is the time that I want to pull out a skein of wool and knit a hat?*** On top of that, why don't I fear deadlines like I should?

5) Why was the cornbread done in half the time the instructions gave?

There's a spat brewing in this household, and no matter how I worry about what the other party feels or thinks, I know that I am the one in the right. I'm just beginning to wonder if this was the right time to be right. Then again, if not now, everything, including my well-stewed bitter resentment, would have come out in a couple of days and that would have been ugly. Best to deal with it now, right? But how do you seem less like a jerk when the other party doesn't want to concede that you are in fact right?

*I'm not saying that all drivers of BMWs and pickups are jerky asswipes, just that the jerkiest of the asswipes always seem to drive these vehicles.

**I am going to be all chili-ed out by the time of the chili cook-off at work in over a week, but I'm doing this so we have more competitors. Although, I'm not sure I can turn in a tomato stew.

***I get that the desire to knit is directly related to the fact that I've been crocheting like a fiend for weeks on end. But why can't my brain turn off that immediate gratification button.

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