Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dear Music Department on "Life",

I think it's important to note that usually when I love a television show, I'm not a huge fan of the music used on the show. However, I realized a few weeks back that "Life" and I have a connection. Now, I could say that it's Damian Lewis, because I do generally have a soft spot for him. I could also say that it's Donal Logue or Robin Weigert (who I really do miss) because they are both awesome. It could also be that Sarah Shahi plays one of those few female police officers who isn't annoying because she's trying to prove something and being a false version of tough. But you know, they aren't the reason I don't want to miss the beginning of the show. Dear Music Department, it's because of what you present me in those first few minutes. And then the rest of the music? It's like we are music soulmates, all of us (Jennifer Blank, Liza Richardson, Michael Baber, and Tricia Halloran). I mean, seriously, I'm listening to Cat Power right now on the show. Right now! I love you guys. I mean, Cat Power!

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Alyssa Critt said...

Haha so I just started watching that show based on a recommendation from my little brother.. They are (almost) all up on and no kidding, I have watched all the episodes yesterday and today. I have to agree about the music.. and everything else. I am so excited to have found a new show! (: cheers