Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things I've learned in the last 24 hours...

Some of the folks who work at Entertainment Weekly look like normal people. They aren't want-to-be starlets who pretend to like Battlestar Galactica because it's somehow trendy. These people are my people and they really do like what any decent person would like (although, I think they did say negative things about The Fountain, but they can't be perfect).

They actually believe in the complete logic behind the absurdity of wanting Joss Whedon to be interviewed by the fiber arts community (specifically the crochet part). And if I knew folks at EW, I would make them a hat.

And my sister is a bigger geek than she would ever admit to being. Guess who arrived first for the IMAX screening of The Dark Knight at 7:30 last night? Guess who wanted to be there by 4:00 PM? Not even the folks who look like geeks were there at 5:30 PM. But let me add, the Watchmen trailer on IMAX is glorious.

Oh, and, why does the new Harry Potter trailer just not do it for me? I want to see the movie, but that trailer doesn't make me want to buy a ticket to the new Mummy movie, which we all know we were supposed to do just to see the trailer big. And why's Ginny in a robe? Also, why's Ron on the floor? (I should probably re-read the book.)

On a separate note: off to Denver today to be bitter about losing my weekend to work and training.

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