Saturday, July 19, 2008

Absolutely pathetic, I know, but hey, only three people might on occasion see this, and no one was asking if I'm okay or finding out if I got trapped in black hole or anything, so, no one really cares.

However, if you do by some freak chance read this, I've decided to update this with the cool stuff I've encountered of late:

Everyone's doing it, but so am I...Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is marvelous. First, I am quite loyal to Neil Patrick Harris since discovering that he's absolutely hilarious. Second, Nathan Fillion is charming and shockingly underappreciated, and the writers at EW need to realize that they were wrong to say he didn't have movie star good looks. Third, Joss Whedon. If you don't know his name, you haven't tried hard enough. (Although, I confess I haven't watched any episodes of Angel.) Oh, and it stops being free tomorrow, but I'll confess that the $3.99 for the season pass was so worth it. I mean, it's less than a fancy coffee and the enjoyment lasts so much longer. Not to mention, your fancy coffee won't sing for you.

And as I am commonly late to the game, I discovered The Guild tonight. In all honesty, I discovered it because I am an IMDB junkie and discovered that Felicia Day wrote it and was intrigued. But I should say that I am not a gamer, I just never got why videogames and their spawn were enjoyable. However, there's something oddly perfect, relatable, and honest about it. Because you know you've met those people if you aren't one of them. And it's a labor of love, and as a crafter, I get the labor of love aspect.

Emusic posted the top 100 albums list recently and fascinatingly enough one of my favorite albums ever got #1: In the Aeroplane, Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. Part of the write up on the album says that people remember when they first heard it, and I am one of said nerds. I was in college, and in my junior year I had downloaded Napster when Napster was awesome, and somehow I began to obsess over bands with weird names, and Neutral Milk Hotel was one such band. I downloaded a few songs of theirs in senior year (I imagine the delay was being away all summer) before the evil Metallica sued my university (I've never liked Metallica, but I hated them after that and forevermore). And I was addicted, except that addiction never cropped up when I was at Cutler's looking for new CDs to buy and instead always expanded my Pulp and Blur collections. Anyway, a few years ago, I finally bought the album and I would like to note that "King of Carrot Flowers, Part 1" is my most played song on iTunes. (Although, Wolf Parade is sneaking up on NMH. And I'm offended that Arcade Fire is ranked higher than Elliott Smith on emusic's list. Smith wrote perfect songs and probably really deserves to be #1.)

And then there is Digital Detroit Radio, which I am shockingly behind on, but I was behind on a lot of internet-ish things of late. Hi Matt if you find this. And if you find this, yes, I've moved shop.

More later and maybe some fiber stuff.

ETA: Nothing more because my archnemesis decided to ruin my Sunday and my Monday, and now my Tuesday.

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Matt said...

Yes, I found it! Hi Marikka!