Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Marikka and the Battle for a Cable Box

Yes, I know that cable boxes should actually be called set top boxes, but my Tivo box is also called that technically, and that means that everyone gets confused by it.

My archnemesis was revealed this weekend to be Comcast. Perhaps they were showing me the truth last month, but I was too busy battling soil and water to notice (hard to explain).

Here's the boring recap because I have to call them to see what's gone wrong this time:

1) Late June, Comcast never showed for an appointment. I didn't call and yell at them because I had to catch a flight two hours later.

2) On Sunday, Comcast missed another appointment window. The complaint call reveals that instead of putting the right phone number on the work order, they put the old one on there. No real apology, ends with me so frustrated I watch Peep Show on Youtube for the rest of the day. I decide to go into an office to exchange the cable box.

3) On Monday, a line of 10 people takes 40 minutes. I get a new box that my Tivo can't talk to because no one knows the code for the IR blaster (if you aren't TV tech initiated, you aren't alone). Comcast doesn't know what I'm talking about when I'm asking for the blaster code. Tivo tells me on Tuesday that no one has a solution for this new box (Motorola DCH70), so I should go get a different model.

4) Tuesday, I have another version of my previous cable box, but it still isn't talking to Tivo, so I need to end here.


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