Thursday, July 24, 2008

Attention: Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day and Neil Patrick Harris

Dear madam and sirs,

I feel I must call attention to the plight of one of my people*: Kim Werker. Recently, Mr. Whedon made a statement in an interview that he was waiting for a piece on Dr. Horrible in "Crocheting Monthly". Regrettably, there is no publication with that title as far as I know. Even more regrettable is the fact that the world of crochet has so few regular print publications. We are a large and growing faction, and then there are the knitters, spinners, and weavers.

But more on point is that Ms. Werker is the editor of a particular highly esteemed crochet magazine (Interweave Crochet) and the keeper of a crochet community . And she's one of your fans. She has even extended a gracious invitation to interview Mr. Whedon for Crochet Me (her reasons why are here).

If you doubt her affection, she has mentioned you and your work repeatedly on her blogs. She even wrote a lovely post all about Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog.

Now, Ms. Day, Mr. Fillion, Mr. Harris, and Mr. Whedon, I ask all of you to contact Kim (or me because I'm a good swooning fangirl if you want or need one) to make good on this "desire" to see Dr. Horrible buzz in a crochet publication. I know an offer of designing a sweater for Mr. Whedon and selling the pattern to benefit Equality Now, but I'm going to add to that (although, I'm not a fiber celebrity, so I'm sure that no one would really care want to buy anything of mine, but I'm sure that Matt can attest to the fact that I know how to use a crochet hook effectively). If Mr. Whedon agrees to be interviewed by Kim, I will give 60% of my crochet/knitting time to charity works. Example charity works include: working at the local food bank at least one evening every other week, crocheting hats and booties for hospitals, planting trees with Friends of the Urban Forest monthly, crocheting at least three blankets for Project Linus or Warm Up America by the end of the year, and all carpool crocheting time will go to scarves to be donated to a charity that will take them. This is ignoring the scarf I will be making for the Red Scarf Project and the afghan we make at work for a currently unspecified charity. And that's a lot of my free time, folks, and I don't have as much as you might think.

Please consider the offer. I might even make a ripple afghan to match Willow's.



*My people are crocheters in this case. My other sets of people are those with naturally curly hair, those with red hair, and those who make a living cleaning up the environment.


Guido said...

Is this where we sign the petition... :)

Marikka said...

Yeah, um, no petition here, just an attempt at almost graceful begging. The closest thing to a petition is to be found at Crochet Me.