Thursday, October 16, 2008


Work is defeating me and I am tired of thinking about chlorinated solvents.

The shawl that I need to wear next Saturday is beating me, but only because work has depressed my strength.

I am resenting a tree planting that I'm going to on Saturday because it interferes with my ability to finish work and the shawl before I go to New York on Monday. Then there are the various wedding and new baby gifts that I'm resenting too. I am a walking vessel of resentment.

Although, escaping to New York for a little over a week sounds lovely. Except that people will be calling me from California and forgetting the time difference, or worse calling from Guam. Plus, there's the bonus points associated with seeing one of my best friends that I don't get to see often enough. If only there was time to jaunt down to Connecticut to visit my former home of four years. But I do get to go to Niagara Falls finally and be the weirdo looking for things that were in Wonderfalls.

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Kim said...

Mmm. Wonderfalls. Have a great trip!