Wednesday, October 1, 2008

eclipse-y twilight

If I don't finish the Twilight saga this weekend, I promise you I will crumble in defeat and tears of fatigue. I just can't maintain this schedule anymore. And I can honestly say that in spite of all marriage talk in Eclipse, which does make me vomit a bit, I think I might like it as much as Twilight. And if I'm honest about my honesty, 90% of that has to do with Jacob Black who is plain endearing; the other 10% has to do with Edward realizing he might lose the Bella battle. Because damn it, Jacob is the right choice. Now I'm just afraid of all of the wedding talk in Breaking Dawn.

On other notes, Cat Bordhi kicks ass.


Kim said...

Bite your lip and bend into the wind. You can do it. (And when you do, you must write about it.)

Marikka said...

I got to page 50 last night (Pushing Daisies returned and then my mom called) and I felt betrayed. The only thing that got me to page 68 was the appearance of Jacob, but the thing that made me close the book at page 68 was that he was no longer there. I'm afraid I won't make it through this one with any speed, especially as the VP debate is tonight.