Thursday, October 9, 2008

bits of random

Things that were ignored during the Twilight overdose:

The Chihuly exhibit at the DeYoung...There are moments when the art world seems to do everything in its power to piss me off. Kenneth Baker did it. It's how he takes the word "decorative" and turns it into a pejorative. It's like taking the word "craft" and translating it as "scrapbooking." He claimed that Chihuly's pieces were empty, which also makes me wonder if he really saw them. I'm not saying that Dale Chihuly has depicted peace or agony in glass, but art is more than what one person who doesn't feel it thinks. Art is what any one individual makes of it. And sometimes art is defined more by the audience than the artist. To presume that because he walked out of that room empty, that I would do the same, is arrogance. Or that's my stand at least. And I am a girl who loves everything Marcel Duchamp ever did, especially the snow shovel.

Then, there's the picture I finally took of my beloved battlestar museum...the deYoung.

And the tomato that decided to arrive just before autumn. It will be a miracle if it turns red.

So far, the only thing that has endeared the American Life on Mars to me is the David Bowie song. Harvey Keitel is not Philip Glenister. Gretchen Mol is not Liz White. It's the sort of thing that it hard to like because you loved the original. It has to exceed at such an extreme level in order to manage against sincere affection. Not to mention, I love the end of the British Life on Mars, and knowing that the American show won't take the same course hurts. But I hope that Americans like it because it is a good show, I just can't give it my vote. Harvey Keitel is not Philip Glenister.

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