Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Things I learned on Pohnpei

There were many lessons that fell down around me (literally) in Pohnpei, but here are the ones I can remember:

1) Geckos aren't cute. Nor are the little lizards that act like geckos. They are creepy. They look creepy. They sound creepy. They are creepy embodied. And for those who would say "But they eat the bugs," my reply is that I never saw them eat any of the bugs swarming over my bed.

2) Water beds aren't bad for sleeping. They aren't the best if you are a mover like I am, but it wasn't bad. I never woke up with a back ache.

3) Spiders, even when harmless, are fucking terrifying at 5 inches in diameter especially when they are hanging over your bed.

4) The brave can be defeated, or there is a limit to bravery. See, I am not exactly a chicken shit. I know I have vertigo and I live with it, but that seems to be more of a physical/chemical thing than a mental thing (because I'm not afraid of heights). The thing is, I can take a lot and not fuss, but apparently I have a limit.

5) Geckos that fall on you are the devil's spawn.

6) Geckos that poop on you and your books repeatedly are cruel and should be dealt with.

7) Sleeping in a traditional bungalow sounds really cool, especially if you grew up watching Swiss Family Robinson. However, for those with defeated courage, living in a place with falling geckos and gecko poop, spiders too big to keep you sane, and humidity up the wazoo can be too much. I did enjoy my stay, but I don't think I shall repeat it, but then I long for winter.

8) You can forget the feel of air conditioning and then wonder what this marvelous invention is after a week without it in weather where your sunscreen can melt off of you.

9) People who might have sunscreen melt off them should not go on day-long tours and hike to waterfalls where they will sweat out all of their bodies moisture. Sometimes it can be too hot and humid.

10) Nan Madol is amazing and made the falling geckos worth it.

11) The geckos are sane some nights and leave you alone and insane the next and charge at you.

12) Comfort is relative, but luxury is luxury. And today the Sheraton on Guam is luxury. The lack of chirping and crawling and falling sounds makes it all the better.

13) You can miss the internet like it's a friend, even if you don't play World of Warcraft or something similar.

I miss home more than I can say. Sometimes, I miss it enough that I tear up. Two more days!

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