Monday, August 4, 2008

With the fourth season of Doctor Who over, I feel it's time to do my unsolicited recap:

1) New, but really a returned, companion: Donna Noble. I've read that some think she cries too much, that she's too loud, that she's annoying. And I agree, but disagree. Honestly, I like Catherine Tate so much more now that she's been on Doctor Who; she's proven her ability to act beyond comedy sketches. And I even like her show a lot more now. What's refreshing, though, is that she was just a friend, she didn't fall in love with the Doctor, she just wanted to hang out and travel.

2) Generally, the stories were weaker and the story arc harder to get into. Season one was Bad Wolf, season two was all about losing Rose, and season three was about the last of one's kind. And season four was about time folded to converge around Donna? Usually, you can feel the connection, but season four felt like a season without a theme. Then, again, season three dawdled along without letting Martha be much of her own person for far too long, as if the writers weren't convinced that she was as good as Rose.

3) The end. If one hasn't seen it, I won't say anything about it other than the fact that it weirds me out a bit. However, I'm super proud of David Tennant for doing what he did and somehow making me believe. But the end with Rose somehow felt dishonest. Donna's end was honest at least.

And now, I start to delete episodes from Tivo and eagerly await Steven Moffat's turn as lead writer. I love Steven Moffat.

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