Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The list of things I will ignore after a week...

No resolutions for the real world aspect of my life. However, there are real resolutions for yarn-related stuff.

Start gifts a month before they are due. Upcoming due dates:
1) Yoomin's wedding afghan due 10/2008, start by 8/08
2) Rick's baby blanket due 3/2008, start by 2/08
3) Melissa's baby blanket and Duncan's big brother blanket due 8/2008, start by 6/08
4) Mick's wedding afghan due 8/2008, start by 5/08
5) Christmas gifts started in 10/2008
6) Victory Junction blanket by 3/20/2008

Do not work on more than three things at once.

Do not buy skeins of less than 100 yards of material if not associated with a particular project.

Design an awesome beret.

Design an awesome scarf.

Make two sweaters for myself (one crocheted and one knit).

Create my own swatch-filled stitch dictionary.

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